"Mele" fashion poster around 1900

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does anyone have an idea of similar fonts for the word(s):

-MELE (most probably handmade) - which comes closest?
-MASSIMO BUON MERCATO (handmade too) - looking for a close match

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- mele -- check out mark simonson's mostra
- mass -- berliner grotesk

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-mele: the "m" and the "e" are quite different with what you suggested
-mass: that's a very good match, thank you.

if someone has seen better matches on the "mele" font please let me know :)

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dr dre -- are you re-creating this poster? as this was hand-drawn we'll be hard-pressed to find a match. if you are re-creating you might just re-draw those few characters. Hoefler&Frere-Jones' Gotham Condensed could work if you raised the middle bars of the E. Hmm. Still, not quite bold enough.

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thank you for your help. a good match is actually enough, it's not to exactely rebuild the poster, but to create something similar. i search quite a bit for myself and found out that the 'E' and the 'M' never appear in the same font like on the poster... either the E is a good match or the M... nevermind, i can live with that =)

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