computer pro rescue stationary

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I can't add attachments to the other thread related to this logo so I am posting a new one. I have changed the colors to pms 376 and 316 coated. I would love feedback on the layouts.


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Those images need to be removed and inserted as links or something.

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I really like the second color, a lot. i am not sure about the echo effect as it seems to muddy the clarity of the original mark.

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The Echo of the logo looks neat on screen but when you go to print it is gonna blur like crazy unless you have an incredible line screen. I would go with Tif's advice or do something different.

What about the logo centered on the front & the info ( Co. name etc) on the back? Simpler could be stronger.

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It's spelled "stationery" not "stationary"

Why are you printing on coated? Does the client have the ability to print on coated paper? That's something you should definitely find out.

Joseph Szala
Vigor Graphic Design, LLC.

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