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Hi guys!

Would you please be so kind and give me some feedback on a logo that I've recently created.
It's for a local DJ called "dynamike" He is mainly into Hip Hop and House Music, but he doesn't want his logo to look "ghetto" so no Graffiti or Tag wordmark could be used here.

the logo itself says the DJ name (dynamike) and has got 4 splines (word?!) following it..
those splines symbolize the splines of a Vinyl but also an explosion (dynamiKe)

some c&c would be nice



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First that pops into my mind is that letter 'm' looks crammed, I think it should be wider.

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To me it doesn't really develop the dynamic side of the name, the splines/grooves should expand from the same centre point and possibly enlarge, while the weight of the stroke increases as they explode, so you get a v-shaped wedge. I would also move the centre of the radii to the vertical centre of the x-height. The legs of the k and the a, e and i look a bit too rounded rather than using a similar terminal style that is used on the others, and as Jan said the m is too narrow. Have you tried a vertical style?

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you mean having dynamike vertical rather than horizontal?

Thx for your comments guys.. appreciated..

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Yes, my comment was only based on my initial perception of a stick of dynamite, might not work, might look a disaster.

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It's funny, my first reading of the name was as a play on 'dynamic'.

I agree about the 'm' feeling cramped. Also, the radiating curves are pretty dead. As Tim said, they don't feel explosive or dynamic. Even the grooves in a record change width and rhythm. A good DJ can read them and find bass lines and breaks, so that might be something to play with. Anything to enliven the rhythm.

Building on the shapes in the terminals, I suggest that you modify them to give the whole word a more directional feel, particularly since there are curves 'blasting' and 'radiating' outward from the right side. Some of the terminals are oriented inward in relation to each other, like on the 'n' and 'm'. Try customizing the characters to work in that specific word, rather than as an alphabet for any word.

You've got a good starting concept that you should punch up and really push in new visual directions.

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hey guys.. I've tried a few of your suggestions..
chris: having the letters all look in the same direction, definitely gives it a more dynamic feel..

I'm not too sure about the radiation curves / grooves though.. some help would be nice..

@tim.. I've also made a vertical wordmark.. looks ok.. doesn't remind me of a dynamite stick..


here's the file

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The newer grooves look much better. More alive and more representative of 1) Sound and 2) Grooves in a record. They look like part of the identity now rather than just a series of brackets after the name.

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I'd recommend playing with the spacing of the grooves just a bit. Plus the curves seem at little shakey, in a not-intentional way (maybe it just appears that way at this small screen size, hard to tell?). If you could make them perfect circle-segments, then tweak the spacing a bit, you'd be almost there. Is the "m" still a little cramped? Spacing is a little off between a-m and m-i. The e might need a click to the left as well, but personally, I'd rather add a click between each letter except the t-e and m-i.
Looking good though.
Also, I'm thinking people may overlook your updated file/progress. You might post it up top with a new name to be more visible?

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I agree that the vertical one doesn't work. The m is still too narrow, I think it needs to be at least one and a half times the width of the n, but the grooves look better apart from the concerns raised by Greg, I wonder if they should also have rounded ends.

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I like the two horizontal treatments but as the sound wave graphic expands, expand the space between each element.

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hi guys.. another update at the top.. worked on the spacing of the text and the grooves..

@tim also worked on your idea with the rounded ends..

----- UPDATE ------

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It's definitely getting better. Try constructing your radiating curves from sections of related concentric ovals or circles, something like this. You'll find that they feel more inherently and organically cohesive. Your curves don't feel quite right for some reason.

And here's a random cool soundwaves image for no other reason that it's pretty cool.

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strange that you say that chris, cause that's what I did in version 3 (constructing he curves from sections of concentric circles..

thx for your comment..

do you agree that the rounded ends of the curves fit better to the type, but the sharp edges look.. well.. sharper :D

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Especially on the reversed out sample the straight ends look better, more forceful, the curves do look a little shallow and I do think that it should be centred on the x-height though more like your second post.

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i think theres something more foundamentals wrong inthis logo,
the concept is... dont know the exact word in english,but
weve seen it TOO many time before and better.
my thought.

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I honestly thought the first idea was the strongest. Everything after that made me think about signal strength for my cell phone.

I really like the movement and urban feel in the first 3 ideas.

pronounced by saying 'Jake' without conjuring imagery of lumberjacks or mans best friend.

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Seems to be a tough read on the grooves. I've always liked the strobe patterns on speed tuning mats. Nice radial geometry.

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The waves need to be more unique. Add more distinct sound waves. Also, I would make all waves the same color instead of having the wave closest to the text the same color as the text.

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hey guys.. thanks for keeping the thread alive.. I'm not onehundred percent satisfied with the logo either, so i didn't print any business cards yet.

I agree with you that grooves need to be more unique.. they look more like soundwaves coming out speakerboxes or something.. I thought about using these little dots on a technics 1210 ( but I couldn't figure out a way to make them look good yet.. thanks for your comments so far... keep'em coming


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ok.. another update.. tried to work a bit on including the lil dots from a technics into the logo.. does it work? or is the one with the grooves the way to go?

cheers mike

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yet another update.. I think it looks a bit mory dynamic and unique with that blank space in the middle.. what do you think?

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Keep It Simple Smarty (KISS). You are over thinking this one. I like the wave forms that anyone could understand but I would make all of them green. The reason is you don't want anyone to think the name is dynamikel

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hey mike - just had 10 minutes to spare and really liked the idea of hinting at the dots on the side of a turntable... came out with this

i agree with dave regarding colour, and i also changed the m and letterspacing.

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hey guys.. the problem that i see with having all the curves in the same colour is that it takes away any uniqueness (word?) from them.. that's how I think about it..

hmm i quite like what you did there curtze.. maybe looks a bit to 70y disco stylish with all the dots.. and less hip hop/house stylish

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While the blank space does appear more dynamic it seems to me that the blank space isn't centred on the height of the curves, the bottom "halves" look smaller to me. It also acts a horizon which doesn't appear centred on the x-height, especially with the horizontal element of the bottom of the e, – it needs to move down a gnat's. Have you tried expanding the space as the curve expands from the original?

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maybe this is too obvious, but have you considered using a lit fuse instead of the waves? The waves aren't terribly meaningful and are on every other logo these days it seems.

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