Technical Vectors...

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I need something like a circuite board illustration. Like the circuit paths on the board? For use in a tech type illustration?

Vectors? Anyone? :-)


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Kyle: I looked through my vector library but could not come up with anything, sorry. I did find this little gem though (warning: not for the weak of stomach!)

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A few months ago, I was looking into doing circuit board etching art. Ya know, where ya buy a circuit board that's covered in copper, lay down a resist and acid etch off the copper leaving that circuit board green behind? I was (and am still) considering silkscreening photos onto 'em, or doing circuit trace outlines. If ya google around, there's PC programs to layout circuit traces. With all the useful circular endpoints (pads), etc. Dunno if it'd just be easier to whip out Illustrator, but...

David Roughs

p.s. Or you could use a pre-done layout off the web, like from this page:

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David: that worked great. I was able to vectorize that tiff quite well.



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