Wooden bookbinding and titling

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I was quite amazed when I discovered this recipe book. Pure folk art creativity made in Québec!

Plywood cover binded by leather.

More images here. http://www.cestmartin.com/carnet/index.php?2005/11/08/135-reliure-de-bois

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Wow... in so many ways reminiscent of my old "Baby Book" my parents kept with pictures of the first few years of my life. Entirely wood front and back covers with large raised wood letters and painted wooden lamb on the cover. (Sniffle, sniffle)

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Never heard of the expression "bound in boards"?

Books were actually bound in wood plank, for a much much longer time than they have been bound in composite paper board.

UCLA has a fairly comprehensive collection of the Aldine output. Unless it was rebound in the mid to late 19th century or later, those covers are wood covered with leather.


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