Movie Font Casablanca

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I am looking for the font that is used in the movie 'Casablanca'
Can anyone please tell me?


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Most of the movie titles were hand-lettered in that era, and I think that's the case also with Casablanca.

Would you settle with something similiar-looking?

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Do you know a font that is coming close to this font? It would be fine.

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Hi SIm,

It is not what I am looking at, but thanks anyway.

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That's what I thought but I'd find this typeface had relationship with Casablanca.

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Thanks for the plug, André.

I can't think of anything really close, but here are a couple from Letterhead Fonts that have a similar feel:

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Hi Mark

Thanks a lot. It is not the same as you already mention, but the Brien comes very close.

This is the one I gone use.

Thanks again!

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