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Hi, i'm new here so i don't know if this belongs here, or in the bitmap section. I've seen this done before, but what i was wondering is if i had anything new. thanks ahead of time.

absorbatron.swf (19 k)

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Okay, calling them design 1, 2, 3 and 4 in descending order, design 3 to me has the most potential, the O and the N have a nice shape.

R and T need work, as does the weight of the S especially when looking at smaller point size.

Design 1 isn't bad either, design 2 looks like design 1 gone too far (but maybe combining the best of these two versions might work?)

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Hey Phillip,

The 3rd one translates and looks the best. I also
like the 2nd as a whacked alternative (except for
the B). My main problem with the 1st is it halfway
between the 3rd and 2nd, maybe combine the best
of 1st & 2nd like Christian said. The 4th is too
plain. Maybe keep it as a bitmap version?

Got a charachter set to view?


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I like the third flavor as well. You should post a full set of
the characters you have so far. I will say that I don't care
for the W, Y, and F so far.

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BTW, you might be interested in this. It's similar to what
you've done here.

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I agree with Brennan, and think the B in all versions needs to be opened up -upper bowl- or at least revisited. I am enjoying 1 the best. I think the 'exterior wall' design is strong and playful but not soo rigid, as in 3 & 4.

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huh, i posted this 7 months ago, and now it get's a slew of responses. anyway here's a character set, plus some alternates.


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haha, I guess Christian decided it was time to review it. I didnt check the date either. ;)

So is it finished or still in development?
I like the sample you have above, especially the alternates.

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it's a working font, but since i haven't sent it out into the world, i suppose it's still in development. It's a set of fonts rather than just one design.

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