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I have posted this font on another forum several times, nobody knows it...
Lets see how good you guys are!

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Yves? Are you sleeping? Chesh? Stephen? I can't find it. Koloss was my first thought, but it isn't close enough. Unless you can change several characters.

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Could it be a modified (extended or horizontally stretched) Radiant?


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Boy, I'm stumped. I'm guessing it isn't available digitally, like it's only a sign-painter's font. Maybe it's in one of Dan Solo's books? Also, he recently released digital versions of his fonts. Take a look at the Typographica post on the subject.

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No, it's not any sort of Radiant modification. The characters in the sample have slightly rounded edges, and the G is very different from Radiant.

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The nearest I have found is Gothic, but that is only close :-(

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It looks to me to be a sign painter's hand variant of one of the above. I don't know if you will match it exactly. Possibly something at LetterHead Fonts might be close. May even want to consult with them on this one!

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This one bugged me, so I did some experimentation with E+F Radiant Display Condensed No. 1. There is so many versions of Radiant out there, there might be a better match, but its close enough to close the case in my opinion. Scaled 70 % on the horizontal and with some extra outline/fatness and rounded corners. Voil

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The font was "cut" by a signwriter, using signblazer.... And as far as I know, not modified, the original graphic was a photopraph, touched up a little for clarity..original photo cropped

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Warick, made this quickie unicase
Koloss imitator...

I think Ola is right on...

This version is...
Solely for fun/personal use...


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where do I find "radiant" ?

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Jesus... Yves, where can I find gold/US$? Not bad for a married designer :-)

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Hi Tiff, I saw the thread but couldn't find anything yet.
What, didn't you hear my brain cells snap, crackle and
pop? =D

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And here: 1 | 2

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Here too: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

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Here's the gold. About the US$: I'm afraid you'll
have to cough up a lot of those to get that gold.


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