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so, myself and an illustrator friend just put together a poster for a band called Aloha. We are both Hawaii natives, and what could be more fun that a job like that. So, i drew out the type treatment here, and would love a professional opinion. this is my first poster for critique, and im terrible nervous. please be kind. :D

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ugh, typos ... first poster for critique HERE and im terribly nervous. yep.

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the logotype looks great. i'm concerned with the type below--in combination with the logo i'm seeing a slightly agitated face (the 'a's as eyes, the flower as nose, and the type below as mouth).

give the type on the bottom another go and post for us.

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I like it a lot... but I agree on the text. Maybe surrounding the main logotype in a circle?

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From one Hawaiian to another, Boi you do good kine logos... but listen to uncle and redo the stuff on da bottom... k? (hehe)

With that outta the way heres what I would do with the bottom text since it seems to be a concert poster and you want people to get the info as quickly and clearly as possible. I'd also maybe work on the illustration a little to fill in the top more.

sample image

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Neh boo ... I dunno if i like dat'kine. :D

kay, now first off ... yeah i see some of your points about the text on the bottom. I thought it was a little more dynamic than putting all of the venue info on a horizontal baseline at the bottom of the page. I was looking to do something a little more creative, but i see your point about it being a bit distracting.

>> i'm seeing a slightly agitated face (the 'a's as eyes, the flower as nose, and the type below as mouth).

hehe not agitated, the bottom curve is the chin, and the flowers a dimple, making it a smiley butt-chin.

anyhow, thanks for all of the comments, this was just a fun experiment for two guys from hawaii. the screens have already been burned, no going back at this point :D

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micheal - i do like the idea of the flowers coming up behind her.

breh, where u from? what year u grad? :D

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Braddah a Hawaiian as Hawaiian as me can only come from one place das Wahiawa, and I grad from Leilehua in '89. But I grew up on the North Shore. And now I stay stuck in Indiana... go figah.

Since you from Hawaii you might like my latest site design at wit da kikaida, karmen rider, zabooga and ultraman. Check em out.

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mike - i looked at it last night, guuud'ah!!
brah, im from pearl city, grad 93. ive only been in the tundra that is minneapolis for a year. already missing home.

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Wait a second, isn't it like 5 AM there now?...
(Font geek factor 9, dude. :-)


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