University project - Dark technological headline font

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Hi everyone! This won't take too long, I just need people's typeface recommendations for a headline.

The article is about high tech camera systems and technologies to detect terrorism, and trying to prevent terrorism from occuring using these systems.

Can anyone suggest a good font to capture the mood of this subject? A nice 'dark technological' typeface would be great! I've chosen Bank gothic, but I think there are ones that are slightly better. A non-commercial font would be great too (since this is a university project and won't be sold or mass produced).

Your opinions and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you for your time.


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take a look at 2 typefaces one called Becker, one called Style on

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Becker is cool. I couldn't find Style though.


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Try this. May be too editorial and hard to read. Maybe not.

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What is the tone of the article? Is it how they use the technology or is it a sense of urgency? If its a sense of urgency try something powerful like Impact all caps.

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