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First of all, I'm sorry for the length of this post and its extremely specific nature, but I'm hoping some fo you might be able to help.

While on my travels in North America earlier in the month I came across a little keepsafe from the (original) STA, entitled "A letter about Eric Gill". It was published in 1950 and written by H D C Pepler (I have posted a photo of the cover at Being a bit of an Eric Gill fan (I blame him entirely for my interest in the field), I quickly bought it for some ludicrously nominal amount.

Amazingly, there was a loose slip of paper in the back that had somehow managed not to get lost detailing that there were two versions of it made. One for STA members bound in paste paper by R H Middleton (400 copies) and one for non-members (600 copies). Presumably, judging from the cover, its one of the paste paper copies.

Firstly, does anyone have any knowledge about this particular keepsake? I'll happily type up and post the foreword if anyone is interested.

Secondly, how I can protect it from any further damage? I am not a book expert and have no experience of looking after this kind of thing, so any advice would be welcome.

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David --

I'm not familiar with that particular title. I see a couple of copies available through

You might try contacting James Mosley at the St. Bride Printing Library in London. He may be able to help you with both questions. I believe he's quite a Gill aficionado.

-- Kent.

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James Mosley has not been with St. Brides for two years now. But, considering the collection at St. Bride's of Gill's work, I'm sure they can help regardless. -- I'm extremely interested for more info.

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