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I want your opinion on a logo one of our designers did for a new trendy restaurant & lounge. It's called Marmalade and the logo is supposed to have a natural, sexy feel.



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I cannot see the images... so I am trying to post it again.


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I love the typography. It's extremely lovely. The squeezy juicy thing is a great idea, but something's not quite right. First thing I thought of was the Cingular Wireless symbol. Maybe it's the 3-D illustrative effect of the mark that's making it not adhere to the style the type sets forth.

Also, marmalade is more gel-like not so much juice. This may be something to think about.

I think it needs worked further, it's a great path and direction though, keep pushing or should i say squeezing.

Joseph Szala
Vigor Graphic Design, LLC.

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Hmmmm, i'm not sure about 'sexy'. I think it reminds me too much of a kids birthday party with yellow and orange ballons. I dont think it has that sophistication you would probably desire in a restaurant logo.

It also reminds me of the tongue from the Rolling Stones 'forty licks', and the little 'balloons' give a feeling of 'lip smackin' tastyness which (though does tie in with food) seems to convey the wrong message. It's more fast food than 'sexy natural'.

I dont have any problems with the type, though changing the image may affect this.

Hope this helps?

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Ed, your highlights are (quite literally) all over the place. You must have a different light source for every form. I like the big type, but am not wild about the all-caps face; seems a little too airport-signage-perfect for this context. And you might want to add just a hair's space in the "rm" pair. c

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Try an orange.

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What kind of food will the serve? This logo makes me think They will serve fries & stuff that goes with it. I like the energy of this but it seems more popular than trendy. Also, what kind of trendy?

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