Un p'tit beurre, des touyoux, Joe!

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As the French use to joke.

Happy birthday, Joe. THX 4 everything.

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Happy birthday, Joe!

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Happy (early) birthday Joe! Here is some wisdom I stole for you, use it well.

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Happy Birthday to anything but an ordinary Joe :-)


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Happy Birthday, Joe..
Alles Gute..

Dav, formlos

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> Happy (early) birthday Joe!

Those are called "time zones", Zara... :^D 9 hours early. ;^)

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feliz cumple Joe!

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Joyeux Anniversaire Joe!

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Happy Birthday, Joe

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Yves, you silly bird – I know what time zones are, I just so happen to be in one! :)

jfp, that double n lig is so beautiful!

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Joe was born on October, 26th, right? Coincidence? I don't think so... B-)

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Here's to another year of riding safely on your new bike. ;^)

(ps. I was also born on the 26th of another month. I like that idea.)

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Happy Birthday Joe!

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10/26... Never saw it that way until now. So nice of you all to think of me. I've been buried at work and having a dreary (rainy) afternoon, until now. Thank you all!

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(Darn, I misread the thread title. I thought this had something to do with Bit Torrent.)

Joe, I set this greeting in your favorite font ... problem is, I don't actually have it.

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For the explanation of the thread title, head to my blog.

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LOL. At least it didn't go to Adobe Sans.

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We're saving this for when Joe signs his pro deal.

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Yes, letters bleed too.

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Happy Birthday Joe!

We have *almost* the same birthday I am on the 25th!

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Eben you have a Birthday:-)


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и с днём рождения!

sorry i'm a bit late on this one! :^D
hope it was great.

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Better late than never...

Happy Birthday Joe!

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