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Hi, everybody.

I'm branching off into freelance design and wanted to create a mark that was simple and vibrant. I think I succeeded with the graphical portion of my idea, but less so with the self-made typeface. Feel free to tell me otherwise on either account.

This is my first typeface and it was positioned to me by a friend that the font had too little in common with the mark. I, though not as knowledgeable as the other fellow, thought that I was going for a juxtaposition of elements in an effort to make them stand out. A secondary concern was that the font should look at home next to its web-friend Verdana.

Frenden Design is the primary logo here. The others are two side projects that I thought might be fun to keep in the same family, looks-wise. The three pronged design helped with that to an extent.

A few of the letterforms on my home-brew font are too similar and would be hard to read at small sizes. I intend on fixing that if things are working at all. If they aren't working out so well together, why bother?

The only conceptual comment regarding the logo that I have is, my name is Ray and the logo sort of has the feel of rays of sunlight.

Thanks in advance for feedback left; sorry if I over explained. I have that tendency.

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Is it that bad that in 73 reads I haven't gotten a single response? Turning on Elliot Smith, comitting seppuku...

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The symbol could be rotated and adjusted so it looks likes an "F".
Rays of Sunlight? why again?

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Ray, I think you have to experiment more with the form of your logo. It`s raw at the moment and viewer can`t allocate the form. And of course it`s difficult to create for self. Type and logo doesn`t harmonize together, that`s the fact. This type required a more rectangular and bold logo and simply form. Probably try to go to 3th demension with actually design:

An example of logo and corporate (adapted font):

PS: your "R" is russian "ja" = I, me.

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"And of course it`s difficult to create for self."

I have the worst time deciding on something I like for my own marketing materials.

Thanks for the feedback. I really like the top row, middle example you provided. The symmetry is nice; I experimented in a similar way with less stellar results before opting for what I'd shown you.

If I do stick with a new variation of the angular, more abstract logo any suggestions on a font that might work better? I've drawn up a few that have the same oblong wonkiness and their lack of uniformity really bothered me.

Wadim, I really like the backwards R. I've been playing with the form for awhile in a second type attempt tentatively titled propagander. I'm a big fan of WWII propaganda posters and I was thinking of moving towards that side of things (In a really abstract way, the backwards R even almost looks like a capital F and R combined which are my initials.). The meaning behind it, which is something I was intending to look up, is pretty fitting. I thank you for providing it.

You've definitely given me some food for thought, both of you. Thanks.

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Alright, here are a two sketches from a slew of them that I did this morning. One still clings to the sharp, abstracted form of the first concept, and the other plays off the backwards R character.

The abstracted one I intended to give the impression of an R and F, but I was more interested in trying to come up with an appropriate typeface for a logo of that kind. The kerning wasn't meant to be so tight; it's pretty rough.

Both rough, but I think both have some potential.

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I like the 'R' and 'F' without the straights. Why not join those two forms in some way to create a mark?

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Good call! I'd overlooked that possibility while trying new things this morning.

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Quick question, I'm in the home stretch of posting a few new ideas, but is it best to have a mark when you're a freelancer, or is that reserved for positioning yourself as a studio, only? I know it's frowned upon in things like resumes and what have you...

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If you Erik Speakerman then as freelancer Erik Speakerman.
If Heinz Schmidt then as "we at the Advanced Storm Studios.."
Joke. :o)

I`m freelancer, but officially registred as "Design Embassy".
But I decided to go as "Wadim Kahlkopf | freelancer Art Director
| visual communication". Design firms tends to go work with freelancer, because they are cheaper. Firm outside are loooking more for firms as freelancer even it coasts more, because they often think that freelancer can`t do all what they want, he is an amateur.
So you must decide the way you go.

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