(x) Print Magazine nameplate - custom version of Gotham {Héctor}

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does anyone happen to know what the typeface for Print's masthead?? i'm a student trying to enter into a competition they're holding, and i have no idea what their masthead's face is. thanx for any and all suggestions.


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I think it's a custom version of HTF Gotham


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I thought it was Bryant by Process Type Foundry.


Joseph Szala
Vigor Graphic Design, LLC.

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Print magazine does use a custom version of Gotham from Hoefler&Frere-Jones ... a cuddly version of NYC.

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Wohoo!! is this my fifth or sixth type ID?


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Sorry, Héctor, I'm not exactly keeping track. ;^) Let me try something...

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Nah, doesn't work. Sorry.

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