Diacritics Project updated

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Today, the Diacritics Project was updated. Diacritics Project is a database of information related to diacritics: the correct shape, size and position of each accent. There are also lists of accented or special characters used in particular languages, historical background, language specific information, useful links etc. Many typographers contributed to the open project during last months.


Now the accents are grouped by a script. The database supports following scripts: Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, Sanskrit, and Arabic; other scripts could be added on request.

I would like to invite you to join the project and to share your knowledge with other typographers.

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I like the changes you have made. It is becoming easier to use.

I wish there was more information on the Greek area. I am not well-versed enough to contribute in a scholarly manner but I hope others on this list who are will contribute.


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The Greek area was updated recently by one of the project users. Check it! I still need more information about particular languages, about its alphabet, typographic rules... But I am not pessimistic; the quality of the information is being constantly improved by the users.

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