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I have recently found some Cloister Initials, designed by Fredrick Goudy, cast in lead in a print workshop here in Dublin. I have printed off a proof sheet and they are in perfect condition. The question I want to raise is that:
Can I scan these in and create a font for use on the computer? Considering they are so old the is the copyright expired? And if not would it have covered the electronic medium? I would undoubtly give Fredrick Goudy all the credit and do not wish to cause any offence. I have not been able to source an electronic version myself.

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Ian - you could do a keyword search here (at typophile) and look for comments from Clive Bruton. He had a lot of information on the subject sometime late last year. His website is


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just do it.

When you do not sell it to others, and use it for your own practise, there are no problems.

When you want to market it, you should look carfully, what already is available from Fredrick Goudy.

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