A Blog API Tutorial for Uppercase Members

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If you think that browsers are good for reading blog entries, but lousy for writing, raise your hand. Just what I thought. We're all in agreement here. The good news is that there is a better way. There are a number of email-like clients for writing blogs out there, and it just so happens that they will work with the Uppercase blogs. You can also use them to submit news stories. I'm going to quickly walk through the set-up process on one of the better clients I've found.

The one I'm going to use for this tutorial is Ecto. It's cross platform, and it's the best I've found so far.

Once you have Ecto installed it will ask you to enter some settings for your site.

  1. Enter the address of your weblog: http://typophile.com/blog
  2. System: Drupal
  3. Api: MovableType
  4. Access Point: http://typophile.com/xmlrpc.php
  5. Username: Your Typophile username
  6. Password: Your Typophile password
  7. Account Name: Whatever you want to call it

You should now be able to see your blog with any blog posts you've made up to this point


From here, to create a new post, just click new, edit, click publish, and there it is, at typophile.com/blog/youruserid, or in the mix at typophile.com/uppercaseblogs

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Thanks Christian!
You have been a busy guy today!


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Lame question and I do realize that I sound like those people who are looking for a free version of a $19 font. But are there any free blog apps? :^/

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From what I've seen, this one is worth the nominal cost, but that doesn't mean I didn't look for a free one first :)

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I use Ecto for Typographica, Stewf.com, and the FontFeed. It's saved me a ton of time and helped me learn a few coding tricks too -- especially when attaching images to posts (I presume that function doesn't work on Typophile blog tho). I highly recommend it for any MT, Typepad, LiveJournal, Drupal site.

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Image upload actually does work for the Uppercase blog. You need to edit the upload template to use the [img:] tag, but it works.

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