Serif fonts with IPA characters for bookwork?

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A couple of apologies at the start:

1. I know this might be a *general* topic, but I figure there may be greater knowledge of newer fonts here.

2. Really, I did a search before posting.

That said, we have to design and set a book that uses a significant number of the IPA phonetic characters. There are a few instance of italic; I can fudge these if I have to. The book is in French, by the way.

I know of three serif font families with phonetic characters, Gentium, Times, and Stone. I would prefer not to use any of these – the “sample book” the publisher sent was set in Minion.

So, does anybody know of a serif font family (roman, italic and bold), suitable for book work, with phonetic characters, at least in the roman font?


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In addition to your Gentium, Times, and Stone, I know of Lucida, Computer Modern, Le Monde Journal, and Garamond (such as that from the Encyclopaedia Aethiopica). I would go with Le Monde if the budget allows.

IPA as such isn't set in italic, although such beasts do exist.

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Well, there's Fedra Serif A Phonetic.

Or, you might contact Chris Burke. His Parable FF was used for the new Concise OED. I don't know, but it looks like IPA characters were made for it.

I don't see any sign of the an "IPA Parable" on sale at Fontshop, but perhaps you could arrange something. Of course, it might be that the OED has exclusivity.

Here's his web site:

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I don't think that Le Monde Journal has phonetic symbols.

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A new entry in this field: Garvis.

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John Hudson,

Thank you for mentioning my work!

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