Typesetting Music notation

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Hi Typophiles,

Does anyone here have any experience in setting music notation?

What would you suggest as the best method to go about it.


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Programs like Finale would be the best solution


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My daughter is a composer. She uses Finale regularly. It is not for the feint at heart though.


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I believe the software used by most students at Berklee College of Music, including my brother (although he has since graduated), to compose music is Sibelius -- http://www.sibelius.com/cgi-bin/home/home.pl -- many different levels. I think my brother has also used Finale. Not sure.

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Thank you both for your comments. Those were the two programs I had heard about (I was hoping there might be others).

I found this article:

It would seem to say that Finale is the better choice, as does most of the chatter on the web on the subject. But I wonder if it is not a Quark versus InD debate...

Tiffany, if your brother has used both, I would love to know what his feelings are on the subject!

- Robert

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You might also want to look at LilyPond and MusiXTeX.

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My ex uses Sibelius. You can also get (or it comes with?) software used with your scanner to drop a handwritten score into Sibelius. The handwritten score has to be neat and tidy for the program to pick up everything, though, and may require some adjustments.


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Ages ago I used a great program called Score, but I haven't had any need as of late. If you like the way the Henle* editions are set, you should like the results with Score.

*Henle doesn't used Score, but they are widely available engraved editions that are a joy to read.

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Thanks for the LilyPond link! That is exactly what I needed.

(I am working on a project that has a few short musical examples)

LilyPond is effecient for engraving already written music, and the results look very good, but I wouldn't want to try to compose in it, however...

For Score, I found this link, by the way

I agree, the Henle editions are beautiful!

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