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Hi. I'm looking for information and recommmendations on where to source a budget-friendly yet useful collection of fonts for students of a 3rd level course in graphic design. The collection would need to familiarise the students with all the important typefaces, historically and aesthetically. The budget is 2,500 euro or thereabouts. Any clues?

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You should spread that around so you get both "classic" and contemporary stuff. Think Adobe + Storm + PsyOps + etc.


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Adobe Type Classics for Learning ($99!) is the best overall value for a starter set.

Add to it with a larger library of "classic" fonts. Bitstream's Type Oddyssey (1,450 fonts for $1495) or the Linotype Essential CDs. Make sure you ask about an educational discount.

Finally, top it with the best of contemporary typefaces with any of the FontFont CDs. They offer a 30% educational discount.

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I believe P22 also has an educational set.

I would also venture to guess that given the opportunity and the right request, most smaller foundries would be willing to work with you.

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The JBW set from would be very useful in filling some historically important categories.

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Thanks people! All those suggestions look good. We are hoping to reign the students in a bit. And their prediliction for downloading desperate looking fonts from the internet which they then go on to either stretch or condense to their heart's desire.

Early days:-)

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I believe P22 also has an educational set.

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