(x) Axon-Kitchenworks rounded tech sans - Storno {Ganesh (self)}

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In use on www.axon-kitchenworks.com

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....couple threads with this font, but no luck. maybe custom.

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Hi, this is a tricky one, discussed a few days before in here: http://typophile.com/node/14859.

Better luck for you...

Jorge Marcedo
Coimbra | Portugal

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It reminds me a face by Lineto, you can check http://www.lineto.com.


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Thanks all.
Frank Rocholl, the designer of the site, was kind enough to answer by mail....
Its STORNO by Lineto. Bravo Alessandro!
It keeps happening more and more. I am sitting on my huge and evergrowing forest of fonts.... cant see single trees anymore...getting older too : )

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