Dark logos :o)

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these 2 identities are for sale, so I would experience what you would see drawn in such identities and what you miss actually. What are dreamforms most people like them? If someone found favours on logos: please mail me! Of course I would change and finish to customer wish and optimize for purpose.


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The first one looks like a logo for a heavy medal band. The second one would be a stretch for a jeans company. Maybe a secondary brand. Both Mens and Womans Jeans need to be pushed a squoosh to the right to balance the weight with the line above them. I would also ask you to develope them as black and white solutions. The jeans line especially being they have either printing or embrodery restrictions. Good work keep going

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So Dan, here a new dark concept in your favorite picture colour. :o)
It stay the same: it`s for sell if anybody like it.


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