Embedding glitch in new Type-1 Font

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Hello Typophiles,

Thomas Phiney at the Adobe Typography forum recommended that I bring my problem here. He suspects a glyph naming or encoding issue.

I need some help to solve a mysterious problem, PLEEZE!

I work with a type designer who generates Mac Type-1 fonts with Fontographer. I convert these source files to Type-1 and TrueType formats for Windows.

First I use CrossFont to translate the data files. Then I use FontLab 4.6 to re-map certain glyphs; for example, the euro symbol and ligatures not normally accessible by Win users.

Then I set up families if necessary and generate both Type-1 and TrueType fonts. I install the results with Adobe Type Manager Deluxe 4.1 and test them with various apps.

Everything has gone fairly smoothly for about 2.5 yrs, until now...

The latest font has no other family members. The FontLab settings are the same as always before: embedding=everything allowed, encoding=default, charset=Bitstream, euro symbol=0128/20AC.

The resulting TT font displays and prints perfectly with every combination of apps I have tested.

The problem is only with the T1 font.

With PageMaker 7 on Win 2000, it displays correctly. When printed to file and distilled with Acrobat 6, the font embeds--almost. However, the euro symbol mis-maps to "A dieresis" in the PDF. The ligatures are wrong too, but I'm less concerned about them.

In another test using PageMaker 6.5 with Acrobat 5 on a Win '98 machine, it works correctly.

I have tried every encoding option available in the FontLab T1 export dialog--same result.

Possibly Related Issues

The Mac T1 source font may be set up incorrectly. When the Mac Roman charset is viewed at MyFonts (the vendor), the euro symbol displays as "upper-case Eth." According to MyFonts, the euro should be (and is!) assigned to 0219/20AC. What's wrong?

When printing the test file to disk for distilling, PageMaker 6.5-7/Win 2000 reports that the font cannot be embedded. I learned yrs ago to ignore this FALSE error message because it happens almost daily with fonts I use routinely, even some Adobe T1 fonts. The fonts ARE embedded, and they print correctly even when output by a remote imagesetter. Does anyone else have a problem like this?

Is the embedding glitch a FontLab problem? Or Win 2000? Or PageMaker 7? Or Acrobat 6? Or ATM? Am I missing a secret setting somewhere? Or What? I don't know where to start troubleshooting... This font cannot be offered for sale until this problem is solved. Does anyone have a clue?

Many thanks for your help, Anna
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Never mind... Problem solved by switching to codepage view in FontLab for Windows and regerating the font.

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