recommendations on type books

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I'm longing for a type book (new or old) to digest. I've got a few but I'm itching for something new. What are some favorites?

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Type: The Secret History of Letters, by Simon Loxley
Language, Culture Type, edited by John D. Berry

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well do you have the triumvirate?

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Sounds like you need something obscure to rekindle the romance? Two of my favorite exotics: "Dimensional Typography" by Abbott Miller; and "Types Best Remembered / Types Best Forgotten", Robert Norton ed.


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If you want something a little different try "The Skilled Compositor, 1850-1914: An Aristocrat Among Working Men", by Patrick Duffy. Or, "The Swifts: Printers in the Age of Typesettig Races" by Walker Rumble. Some really great stories in both volumes.

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right now i like alphabets by wim crowell, typeone, and designer shock.

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The Manual of Linotype Typography from 1923. I especially like the "Critical Comments" parts of the pages and the tabbing, to set them it must have been pretty darned expensive!

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