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Tomáš Brousil says.: 'After one and half year of an intensive work we ( Suitcase ) have just released the new superfamily font Dederon. A serif version of the Dederon is a humanist book antique with open shapes. A sans serif version comes out the same construction principles, hence it is sortable for a demanding combined typography. Fonts are available in a postscript but at last also in an opentype format. Each Dederon OpenType Std weight includes standard latin accented glyphs for over fourteen languages, wide range of basic and accented ligatures, genuine small capitals, non-aligning, capital, small capital, table, fractional and index numeral characters, expert glyphs and alternative variations, together more than 800 glyphs in one type face for comfortable work on the most demanding projects..'

I say.: 'A breathtakin' type ( super ) family.. Another brandnew favourite.. Czech Type strikes again..' :)

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