Postgraduate courses in Europe

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I'm considering going back to school, in the form of a postgraduate course in graphic design, preferebly full-time, one year. I've been looking at London College of Communication. It seems that it could do the job.

Does any of you have other suggestions for courses in Europe?

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Hello Kenn munk,

If you like to learn more about typography and typedesign, I can recommend the mastercourse Type&Media from the academy in Den Haag (The Hague) in the Netherlands.


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Thanks, Pieter. Funny thing is that back in 2000 I was actually accepted to the KABK. I went there to talk to teachers and students and see the work done there. It was when I was just getting started in type-design.
I'll probably get slaughtered for this, but I thought it was too calligraphy-based. It seemed like a really good school though. I'm more on the lookout for graphic design, really.

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Slaughtered? From me, a big hug.


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I am currently enrolled in LCC on the MA graphic design course which is one year. I think the strength of the course comes from the department itself. The tutors are very knowledgable and the course is well structured and quiet flexible in the sense that you do what interest you. The disadvantage though is that it's a one year course which means you really don't find the time to digest the information. very intense... and there is not really an emphasis on typography but you can always choose the direction of your projects. Check out the tutors: Paul Mc Neil (type designer), Russel Bestley (wrote few design books with Ian noble), Tony credland (designer/activist and founder of cactus network) and Wayne dayley (designer). i applied to many courses before choosing this one; check out reading university if you are interested in typography it is the best, although it's a 2 year course, another interesting course: bordering design if you are fed up...

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Just to clarify: all Reading MAs are one-year programmes for full-time students; it is the Eindhoven programmes that are two years full-time.

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Thanks Alia, Gerry
I wasn't looking for typographyu specifacally. LCC just sounds better and better!

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Right, reading is 1 year, i had in mind the research programmes...
Kingston has a course as well
good luck

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I did the Information Design MA at Reading in 2003–04, which was great.
It's very rigorous and challenging. I saw this year's work and it was also really good. I think Reading generally is a great place to study.

I suppose it depends what you want from a graphic design education. There is definitely a Reading way of understanding and doing design – well reasoned, logical – which I have found very useful.

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