Type history question.

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this isn't my homework or anything but might anyone know the answers to these questions?

1. The first printer to use a woodcut border was:
A. Nicolaus Jenson
B. Aldus Manutius
C. Erhard Ratdolt
D. Antond Koberger
E. Johannes Schonsperger

2. Which of these punchcutters or printers did NOT create a transitional type?
A. John Baskerville
B. Pierre-Simon Fournier
C. Johan Michel Fleischmann
D. Philippe Grandjean
E. Vincent Figgins

3. The gout Hollandois (Dutch taste) in type is characterized by:
A. Ornamentation
B. Swash Capitals
C. All x-height and condensed width lowercase letters
D. bracketed serifs
E. vertical stress

4. Which typeface was the first to have an italic not influenced by calligraphy or writing?
A. Caslon
B. Fournier
C. Romain du Roi
D. Baskerville
E. Garamond

Thanks to anyone who helps to answer these questions!

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Russ --

You could probably find the answer to all of these in D.B. Updike's classic Printing Types.

Off the top of my head:

1) Sorry, don't know this without doing some research (which I don't have time for).

2) C. Fleischmann's types would typically be characterized as Dutch oldstyle or Baroque, not Transitional. Though Figgins was mostly known for jobbing faces that aren't usually considered strictly Transitional, I believe he cut some text faces early on in a manner after Caslon and Baskerville.

3) C. I believe it was Fournier who first used the term "go

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