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I`ve created a fashion logostyle for a young fashion designer,
who is oriented for men and women clothing. From briefing this identity must
reflect classines, fashionableness. Must be wearable, but not quirky and not
too high luxury. For the understanding "fuchs" is in german fox, so I tried
to avoid typical association of logo with fox. I plan fox-heraldy-sign for
a monogram or for jeans-sub-brand, where fox is in the right place I think :o)
So I`m ready to be beaten with critics and would be happy to get some
tips and ideas. How good is kerning? Color is replaceable.

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perfect fits the genre, technically the s looks too wide, the accent looks too big, and i don't think the ligature is necessary, it doesn't relate to the logotype; the unusual f is enough in 'cf'.

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Yes Miles, I see now the accent is to0 definitive. It have to be discreet. I modificated accident grotesk extended`s "F" to avoid reading "f...s", that we get at small sizes and fast looks. :o) After that, the result of ligature must adumbrate the infinity sign, that signified the christine`s vision how clothing have to be. But if that don`t occured, then I go wrong way. Thank you for precise tips.

One thing you must confess... Are you Miles Newlyn, the owner of ? Then you are my logo-god! Your "3" is number one in my logolist and "ish", "unilever" top 10. Respect. My answer to your logostyle, better to say the try, you can see here: ."Kahlkopf" means skinhead in german. So it was near idea to create skined and nacked "K", but what could stand infinite times without boring.

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Yup, it's him. :-)

My only comment on the "cf" is that the join
is too dark - it needs some gradual thinning
towards the end of the "c" stroke.


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Hrant, big thanks. It`s something on Akzidenz Grotesk, that old drawn type, it`s a bit unclean and unbalanced. Wikipedia says, that accent has to be setted in 40° angle, not 45° like bevor. Here all 4 tips of homework:

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I think the logo is fine loose enough to be embrodered but I think the pink is too femine for a mens wear line. You might just consider using it in black and white for the mens wear division.

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Yes you right Dan, the colour is actually too feminine. The owner of this brand, christine fuchs will decide for colours in her collection, but black-grey-wite combination masters every situation. for last fine details.

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