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Here is a logo that I am currently working on. I have a lot more to do on it. Any suggestions or ideas?

-Charles Borges de Oliveira

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Hello chuck,

for me it´s perfect. The only question is of purpose. There is of course
the sience of well kerning possible, but I can`t see "bugs". Probably in ground of "F" where it is a bit too thin, even you scale it to small. So it would "breake" on small sizes on screen.

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Thats one lovely lettered logotype.. :) ( The only thing that slightly bothers me is that some characters are connected, while others are not.. )

Dav, formlos

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For me the F looks quite stiff and 'leant-in' next to the more casual looking other characters, the stress on the swash of the c is a bit off and the dot on the i is a bit 'comic'. Otherwise a very good looking logo.

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It's well done, Chuck, and I agree with a few of the comments above.

My small suggestions is to watch out for the very slight downward decline of the optical baseline. In handwriting styled faces and logos a downward arch or baseline connotes depression and pessimism by handwriting analysis.

You can improve the subliminal signal by giving it a slight incline, or raise the last character "n", or by slightly rotating the entire logo counterclockwise by just a few degrees.

This is less of a pure design critique and more about the power of creating symbols and marks.

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I just think it's humurous... ;)

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great emoticon, sandro!

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great suggestions guys. :)


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