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Any critics are welcome.

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Hello Maroy,

for me it`s like perfect too. It`s well balanced and the space betwenn "M" and "a" is right to hold in tension.
For purpose... i would guess it for fashion or singer? :o)

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Not to sound too harsh, but, to me, it looks kinda 'sloppy'.. Not 'bad', but it looks like what it is.: Soft, but slightly sloppy, casual handwriting.. ( Especially the second 'a', in 'Makara'.. ) Maybe try to clean it up some more and refine it..

Dav, formlos

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Dav is right, at least make all the a's agree. For $9 you can get anyones handwriting digitalized. Good start now more work

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The problem with digitizing handwriting is that it almost always has the appearance that Streamline gives, antiseptic and 'cleaned-up' which is precisely what you don't need, plus the lack of difference between characters – no-one writes exactly the same character twice.
There are some areas where that feel is reproduced in your logo; the counter of the first a where the loop doesn't quite lead to the k and the ar ligature has an awkward kink just before the loop of the r. The overall appearance is good but there is room for improvement, I think you should look at making the second a wider (possibly wider than the other two to compensate for the complex joining structures).

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