looking for the third

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I made a logo with Hattrick (main) and Myriad Pro (pay-off). It will be used in a exhibition poster, where I need to put some other information (where, when, why :)...
I'm fond of Mrs Eaves, but lately my sensitivity for font juxtaposing seems a bit vanished.... What would you choose to pair with Hattrick and Myriad?

thank you very much for any help

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Non c'è due senza tre (Italian)
There is not two without three (English)
No hay dos sin tres (Spanish)
Es gibt nicht zwei ohne drei (German)
Il n'y a pas deux sans trois (French)
Er is niet twee zonder drie (Dutch)
Não há duas sem três (Portuguese)
Det er ikke to uten tre (Norwegian)
Gde dva tam i tri; Bez dvuh net treoh (Russian)
Ei ole kahte ilma kolmeta (Estonian)
Nie ma dwoch bez trzech (Polish)
Sann ga nakereba ni ha soko ni nai (Japanese)
Ei kahta ilman kolmatta (Finnish)
Där är ikke två ingen tredje (Swedish)
Ma fisc thnin duna thlata (Arab)

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