1850s Australia type examples

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wow first post, happy to meet you all,

I am designing a cover for a convict themed book and I want to suggest, using a handrawn typeface, typefaces of the 1850s, especially those specifc to Australia. My question is, does anybody know of some good online type librararies or examples which would help me get a feel for it. Apologies if this is an oft-asked question,


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A search for "1850 australia" at the wonderful Library of Congress online archives revealed only this. But it's a lovely thing.

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I think it was a time-specific link, which has now expired. How did you find your way?

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Try your local library. I live in Melbourne, and the state library has lots of weird and wonderful stuff.

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yeah, I think I'll go the library down here in Hobart town, sounds like fun anyway digging through all that dust and mouse droppings.Thanks guys for the links

In other, and slightly related news, what do we think of the typeface for Nick Cave's new movie 'proposition'?

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"In other, and slightly related news, what do we think of the typeface for Nick Cave’s new movie ‘proposition’?"

Very appropriate, though could have been pushed further, 
something along the lines of Jenny Grigg's beautiful covers for 
Peter Carey's books would have been nice.

Also the kerning is too loose (dare I say bad!)

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yeah it could have been pushed further, but I kind of like it because you don't get that "it's a period font" on first glance, but it makes you take a second look and think "hmm, somthings NQR". Kind of unsettling and subtle (unlike the movie). Although they could've done something better with the placement of the writer/director's names, annoying mix of modern and old, pick one look and go with it I say.

Peter Carey's new covers? interesting I think, reminds me of something I can't quite put my finger on


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Hey Bruce! Norbert wants to find you but your email/contact setting on typophile is off.

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