Looking for an alternative for this horrible font

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A new client has a horrible font for a logotype - they are not that happy with it, but dont want to change it either!
Does anyone know a similar typeface (dropped serifs etc) that will ‘fool’ them into thinking they are still using the same logo - I want to propose a subtle change.

Thanks for your time

Matt Appleton

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Warnock Pro has the sharp serifs. You could use the Display Small Caps (included in the Pro font) and get close.

Also, Charlemagne.

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Stephen - thanks... these are about a thousand times more elegant - lets hope Mr Client buys it!

I also dug up 'Requiem' by H + FJ - here... http://www.typography.com/catalog/requiem/index.html which is beautiful.

If anyone has another example - maybe a bit more 'expressive' on the J, I would love to see it!

thanks again,


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How could I forget Vendome? If there are only a couple glyphs that aren't as expressive as you like, you can always do a simple edit in Illustrator.

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The dropped serifs seem inspired by the love affair with Rotis Semi Serif, which is better-constructed but overused. I might suggest starting with Arrow, which is classier to begin with, and modify it from there to make it more ownable, and closer-in to where they are now.

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Thanks again for all your pointers...

Just one thing I cant seem to find - the font called 'Arrow' mentioned by sullivanj...

I think I will take a decent base as a starting point - maybe Requiem, then propose incremental destruction!



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Arrow is on the Treacyfaces site:


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