Adobe CS2 and AFDKO problem

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Yesterday I downloaded the Adobe Font Development Kit for OpenType for OS X and followed the instructions installing it. The installation was fine but the tools did not work.

After installing the AFDKO all my Adobe CS2 applications stop working. Acrobat 7 starts up, but after 10 seconds it crashes. Photoshop crashes while loading the Font List. The rest of the CS2 apps crash even before the splash screen appears.

I deleted all the prefs, repaired permissions, cleared the font cahce without any luck. Then I deactivated all the fonts and used Font Doctor to check the system fonts. FD found some problems and fixed them except for one font which I removed. But the problem did not change.

Anybody know how to solve this problem?

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It turned out the problem was with the Arial and TimesNewRoman fonts. I removed the TT fonts and activated the OTF fonts and now everything works fine.

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