the great i.t. for the chopping block

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this is my eeemm typeface called " the great i.t.",
because it is derived from a logo i made for the world famous
electronic music group. i.e., a friends project. this logo is attached, as well.

the forms are very simple,and very thin,
so it is like the basic idea and form half finished:
uppercase letters have an exoskeleton, lowercase letters a endoskeleton,...

i hope for input, i need to hear what you typophiles think about my great i.t.
i am prepared for all kind of support,
and rotten tomatoes, as well.

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thegreatit_specimen.pdf44.57 KB
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I think what makes it original is what you removed -- The idea of reverse traps -- why did you remove those?

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reverse traps?
you mean those triangels?
i am planning to add those, as the second cut...
before i do this, i like to find good shapes.

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anything else?
see i am not very happy with the sketch so far.
i would be happy about input,
since i can´t see how to go on now.

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I think you have to decide between making all the glyphs the same width or the same stem width. The E look very wide and the V and W look tiny and lost. You might want to limit diagonals to one or 2 angles. You might also use 2 different line weights, one to define the left side and one to define the right. This may not work either. I am just trying to figure a way for glyphs to differentiate more.
You have tried a very tough problem but when you solve it, the result will look quite simple. Keep at it. Perhaps try some unusual grids to base it on.
I think Tiff is right about the triangles. They were helpful in differentiating glyphs as well as giving it a very unique look.


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