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Anyone know of a good font to use that has Spanish or Latin origins? Thanks!

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Mario Feliciano's wonderful revivals of old Spanish typefaces, such as Rongel.

There is now active Central and South American type production also, which I'm sure those from there will tell you about.

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To me, Rongel (and really the crux of Feliciano's work) is more continental. Erin, look to South America for the forefront of "Latin" type design. There are in fact many examples on Typophile, like this current one:

And don't forget to check out this main "hub":


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Dwiggin's Eldorado was inspired by Spanish models.

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Moorish, even.


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"Anyone know of a good font to use that has Spanish or Latin origins?"

For what kind of use?

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If you are looking for historical Spanish types, then Mário Feliciano is your man. He is Portuguese, but has done masterly work reviving historical Spanish types. (There were no printers per se in Portugal, so the Iberian models all come from Spain. And most of those were based upon contemporary French, Italian, and German models.)

Besides Rongel, Mário has released Merlo, and has several more Spanish types in the works: Geronimo, Eudald, Monteros, Salustiana...

For contemporary Spanish type, one might check out Type-O-Tones:

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As David Berlow requests: for what purpose?
For display or more informal work, see Day of the Dead/Posada from P22. Love this font!


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