Font Management: Smasher

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Are there any experiences (Your search - smasher inurl:typophile - did not match any documents.) with a piece of software that is called "Smasher" and is available here (Mac OS X only)? Not that I would like to test it or even have the need for it, but i just stumbled over it on – apparently it is new and some kind of utility connected to FontAgent Pro (which I also did not try).
They do a rather offensive presentation on their website (calling it "smasher" seems a little bit strong to me):
>Smasher solves your font integrity, performance and suitcase problems fast by unpacking old suitcases, cleaning up fonts, translating font formats, clearing font caches and displaying font properties and permissions. In seconds, with a few clicks, you can […]
Perhaps this is of interest for typophiles.

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The quite good help.

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It is called Smasher because originally its primary (only?) function was to break open font suitcases. I gather it does more now.

Why do you find the presentation offensive? Just the name?



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I must be the odd one because I can't understand the drug culture.

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