suitcase problem

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Im having problems with suitcase X1 (11.0.2).

With some fonts when I add them (by dragging) they remain in their suitcase but others seperate and leave me with 5 fonts rather than one suitcase with 5 variations. Its getting complicated because I have variations of the same font. Rather than having JansonMT, I have jansonMTbold, JansonMTitalic and so on, is there a way of selecting them and putting them all in the one JansoMT folder? or is this a glitch in suitcase.

Thanks for any help.

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if you're open to a change, and you're on a mac, you might try Linotype FontExplorer X. It's gotten rave reviews here on typophile, and best of all, it's free!

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Wow, that's quite similar to the iFonts app I wrote last year.

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