Cooper Black Italic swash alternates?

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I'm using a nice bit of Cooper Black Italic for some labelling, and I'm after some alternate swash characters, and some general swash ornaments to go with it.

I have a vague feeling that I saw some swash capitals at least in a very early copy of U&lc. However I can't seem to find any digitised version of the font with anything like this. Can anyone confirm or deny this hunch? Am willing to swap to Goudy Heavyface if need be.

It seems like a very obvious extension of such a popular font, so I can't believe it hasn't been done before. If i had more time i'd start on my own version immediately...

Thanks for any leads.


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If you are open to a lovely alternate as well, you may want to consider choosing 'Sauna ( Black Italic Swash )', as a replacement for the 'slightly' overused 'Cooper Black'.. :)

Viva la Underware.. :)

Dav, formlos

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Goudy Heavyface with swashes 'n' such.

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ITC/Monotype has hinted that an OpenType version is in the works.

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Is there a showing of Goudy Heavyface that shows the swashes?

And, completely OT: did you alter the outline of Lanston Deepdene when you prepared it for re-release? I'm thinking of the thickened "text" version of Cailfornian. Anything like that contemplated?

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John, you can view the swash characters here.
They are included in a separate "Extras" font that comes packaged with both the Roman and the Italic and are incorporated into the OpenType fonts. I wanted to lift some inspiration from Cooper swash and do a full range of swash caps for this font, but time was not on my side... maybe i'll go back and do that someday... maybe.

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Better late than never? Cooper Black Swash Italic available here:

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"Includes all diacritics and standard unicode characters"

What's the criterion that differentiates "standard" from "non-standard" unicode glyphs? I have a hunch that it doesn't mean "contains all glyphs for which Unicode provides a definition," but are Eastern European characters "standard"? Cyrillic? Greek?

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How legitimate can one consider selling this 'interpretation' of cooper?

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Contains Cyrillic and Greek characters. There are two versions of the typeface which are included in the package: Oz Cooper's original design, which opts out of swashbuckling for a number of characters, and a modified version, where all but the S have swashes added. The original design is based on Barnhardt Brother's original casting of the Cooper Black Italic, with supplementary research done at the Newberry Library in Chicago (which houses Oz's archive of lettering and correspondence) for inspiration. Scans of Oz's hand lettering were analyzed to provide the structural basis for the custom version.

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