Armenian script/language tag

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I used the languagesystem tag in my OTF CFF font. In the OpenType Features preview pane in FL 4.6 I can see the script armn and the language HY, and the features work. But when I export the font and try it in InDesign, the features are not available.

Am I missing something?

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InDesign does not support language system tags. Unfortunately, there are currently no shipping applications that support this feature of OpenType Layout, although I have seen demonstrations of functionality in Microsoft software. To get your Armenian lookups to work within InDesign, you may need to associate the lookups with the Latin script and dflt language tags.

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But you should also use the correct tags as well.

We hope to correct this in a future version of InDesign.


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Thanks guys.

I will use the latn dflt tag until InDesign and other applications support language system tags.'s picture

> InDesign does not support language system tags.

I don't have access to InDesign CS2. Are language system tags supported by now?

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