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Here's another one. This time for a water treatment company. They wanted a round continuous logotype so I build up this set of letters from the drop form used on the a & q. the u & n are again the same, the C and the O are very simmilar, but I skewed the top O to match the R ending curvature. The E comes from the C cutted and rotated into the center.

On the back of the card there is the type + logo, a simple water drop. I think I have some conflicts on the size of the letters, the tr ligature is of course the exception.

Thanks for your time & feedback again.

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Adriano - re: status...have you printed this already...

wanted to find out before critiquing...


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No, I'm on the process of finishing this one.. Free to criticize :-)

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hm, i think it has legibility issues, in particular the first "a", which kinda looks like a c, and the u that gets lost. I think it would look better overall with the letters separated from each other...

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i agree with kemie^. it's very illegible... if i didn't read the name on the forum title, it would've been a chore to figure out what it says.
i like the second "a". nice style, but the word "centro" seems to take on a different style. i think the first thing to do is make the first "a" look like the second "a". you'll probably have to separate the letters a little.
also, the "e" looks out of place.
and the "n" maybe should be modeled off of a rotated "a", where the curve doesn't start out going up, it just goes horizontal, and then curves downward. sorry, its hard to explain.
business card is nice, but logo can improve.

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I agree there is a legibility issue on the logo. I've pushed it too far, let me work a little bit more on this. I'll post a new sample soon. Thansk for the critics :-)

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Loren and Kemie make really good points.

a few more points to consider:

* everyone here loves ligatures, but 2 many
of them diminishes their power.

* if you want the drop/counter, it might work better with
uppercase forms...the A, the O, etc.

* kudos for creating new type.

* everytime I see that drop I'm reminded of this...

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My thought is why not make the type straignt and use a graphic for water treatment. I agree with everyone I couldn't make it out. Sometimes simple is better. Dan

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"* kudos for creating new type"

humm... I'm lost, what does kudos means? :-)

Working on it. later.

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kudos means "Great Job"!

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arrghy, couldn't cancel the post in time.

Kudos are compliments,

is what I meant to say. :-)

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Hi there!

I agree with the legibility issues... I think that you have some signs to redesign... like the ligature between "CEN"
The N is weird...
But it's an interesting logo...



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Ok, don't mind the imperfections on the forms, just made some changes on several letters and gave more kerning among them. The logo will consist only on the type, and the water drop will be included only on the back of the card. Tell me what you think on the new E direction, the new C. Thanks.

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I think this is an improvement!

I still work on "CENT" and i would give a chance to smooth some angles... I think that it'd help to close logo to a "waterdrop" concept.

An idea to share, simply.


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It looks like the baselines on your "c" and "e" aren't quite lined up. The "e" looks a little high.

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ok, new version of this ID. Tell me what you think. I've dropped the CENTRO word and gave more importance to the AQUA, wich is what this company deals with.

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Adrino, I don't see the u at all. It reads to me aqa with a connector from the q to the a. Other than that the mark is fine I get what they do, just by the colors and drop mark.

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I had this studies:

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... oh boy, all my posts are being multiplied :-)

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I much prefer "aquacentro" to just "aqua." I just think the r should be a bit taller and perhaps trimmed vertically.

The center of the c is also the center of the word. Have you considered putting a dot or something there to reinforce the "centro" meaning?

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Adriano, on the 2nd and 3rd version I do see the u. I'm just being practicle, being the average person isn't a designer and doesn't have alot of imagination. Keep up the good work, just keep thinking of the end user or person who will purchase their services.

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I like design conceptually, water drop is nice. I especially like it on the envelope flap.
Functionally- I find type too cryptic- perhaps a bit too illegible for the average person.

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Adriano ,

I like this concept. I find it clean and fresh and thus it's meeting the expectations one has of a water treatment company.

Out of the three "aquas" you've posted on Dec 25, I clearly like the third one best (the second one second best; the first one is the least legible).

The water drop shaped letters are really nice, although you might consider making the counters/bowls of the "a" and "q" a tad rounder (red circles). The "ua" (orange circle) might, under certain circumstances, need some work in order to not look too heavy (-> ink traps?).

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Thanks for you time Giese! Let me work on this.

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i think that you have some good forms here...yet you need to let the letters "breathe" between each other. you have to many ligatures and the trademark feels like overkill.

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I disagree with ethan's 'trademark' comment.
I think it really helps to clearly communicate the subject at hand.


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so, how about this? which one rings a bell? {still without Giese suggestions on the curves}

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Adriano, I like the top one, the bottom one would require you to make the whole thing smaller on the card as it is now the o gets cut off by centro. If you really want to compare make them match mechanically, ie nothing gets cut off. That might help make your decision.

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I really like the first of the two logos posted on Jan 2nd, the way the drop is offset from the logotype definitely makes it more interesting and more unique IMO.

I think that the 'u' appears a little to high though, and needs to be lowered -- not the whole character, just make the vertical bars shorter. They look a little like they're towering over the curved tops of the other letters.

Maybe you could try rounding the tops of the 'u' bars a little, as if there was a curved top to the letter. If that makes sense. It might not work but I think it could be worth a go.

Good work though, I really like the identity.


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"U" need work on it, i like it a loth, LOTH

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Gatis, where are you from, what country? Just curious

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