Baroque text face

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I have loved letters for a long time, but this is my first attempt at making them. The following attachment will show that I am very early in the process -- the character set is far from complete and there are no kerning pairs (please forgive the spacing!). Any advice or insight is appreciated.

application/pdftype specimen
Clarence Sample Sheet.pdf (24.9 k)

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A lot of back-slant in this, no?


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Yeah, there is. The ascenders begin to hook back to the left at the top and the descenders hook to the right. It just sort of came out in my doodles. I suppose this was part of my effort to add some variety in the angles--I had noticed that many italic faces applied varying angles to each character, which harmonized nicely as a whole. Is it bothersome to you?

For anyone interested, I am still working on this. Spacing has proven to be the most tedious (and not-so-fun) aspect of type design. Small caps are also in the works, but I'll probably post another text sample when I finish the kerning pairs on the roman and italic.


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