"Scratched" fonts

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I recall seeing a font that looks like a bunch of straight-line scratches into metal or plastic like people do on subway windows. Each stroke is made up of a bunch of uneven, irregular hand-made scratch strokes. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

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BrooklynRob did you try A MyFonts keyword search using the term scratch?

House Industries also has Kathouse.

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You can try the same sort of search at T-26, which used to have a font by Greg Samata by that name. Now you get some other 'scratchy' fonts that are still in their collection, but the Samata one is gone. You can also search through Part 14 of the Script Font ID Guide to see other scratchy varieties, many of which may be available around the web as free downloads.

- Mike Yanega

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This one could be what your looking for..


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