New True Type Hinting Tool

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TTHmachine is a new tool for applying hinting instructions to True Type fonts.
It is a Windows based IDE with glyph rendering ability.
This release is a free beta download and is still under development, so any feedback is welcome.

Allan Murray

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No Mac version :-(


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Thanks! I may try it sometime in the next 3 months. Can you post more info screen shots etc? Would you compare your tool to Fontlab?

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No, I would not compare it to Font Labs hinting ability, it is a different kettle of fish.

"In FontLab we use a small set of high-level hinting instructions that are automatically compiled to TrueType instructions during font export. Because these instructions can be set and edited visually we call them visual TrueType hints or just visual hints."

TTHmachine (the cuurent version) is a tool for applying low-level instructions to fonts, it also has visual rendering to help in this process.

The aim is to add (in later versions) a higher-level hinting ability also (that could be compared to font-lab, I guess).

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