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This is a typeface that I have been fiddling around for a long time. It has its roots in 19th century american printed ephemera, but it's not based on any particular font - it's more of a "remix" of different styles with some added twists.

I have tried to make the outlines rough to get the same warm soft feeling that old ephemera has.

I also have experimented in spacing the font more tightly than would have been possible with real wood type to get a more modern feel.

I haven't yet really focused on spacing/kerning and even the basic character set isn't even completed yet.

Any comments appreciated.

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Intriguing. You might even try a clean version as well.

The ear of the g seems to get in the way a lot; maybe you should set something like "ege" and "igi" without the ear and with balanced letterspacing, and then design an ear that fits in.

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The serifs on some characters seem just a bit bigger than they need to be. The m & n especially. I think you could scale back their size slightly ( height) overall & get a more pleasant readable face without sacrificing style. Ornamented versions might be nice later too.

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