linotype fontexplorer x - final candidate CHECK IT

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Looks great, and I don't mean to look a gift horse in the mouth, but please tell me there's a PC version with auto-activation coming!

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Jason, I suspect that a PC version is in the works. The Mac version has auto-activation, and the PC version should most-likely do everything that the Mac does.

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Thanks Yves,

Great utility if it does what it claims. And FREE!

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I've installed it and played around with it in my free time. And so far it looks very, very promising. The UI & aesthetics are similar to iTunes, so for mac users it should be intuitive. One thing that is really cool is there is a 'store' icon that takes you to Linotype's site, from there you can preview and purchase fonts (again, very similar to iTunes). And all the font preview and information is customizable within the app.

I would suggest to get it now, and play around with it. It's got me all squishy inside. Tee-hee. - Aron

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Is there a way to add font temporarily, like you can in suitcase?

I work for a printer and we are working with clients fonts all the time.

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so far, I like it a lot better than suitcase. The auto-activation actually works...

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Has anyone installed FontExplorer X with Suitcase X1 still on your Mac? We have had difficulties with Suitcase here. We have been waiting for there to be a stable reliable alternative. Our entire creative team would migrate if it's half as good as all of you gents have been writing.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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The installer detects any other font manager and gives you the option to disable it. If you decided not to disable Suitcase when installing FE expect to have a lot of problems. It is not FE's fault. Any two font managers running at the same time on a system will crash, because there will be two apps trying to do the same thing.

I removed Suitcase X1 from my system and installed FontExplorer X, and I am happy with it. It is faster, with more options and more control, and does the job better.

Remember that it is still a beta version, so it will have a lot of bugs.

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Bad idea to use FEX with another font manager active. Strange things happen… But they also happened after I disabled/removed FontAgentPro.

I got the impression that FEX and Konfabulator don' t like each other, or maybe it's an interface font issue.

No fun troubleshooting that, so I've gone back to FAP.

BTW There are some usercomments re FEX that indicate that previews don't function if more that 3500 fonts are in FEX's database.
And I think that FEX's missing fonts warnings in Illustrator with its automatic activation of the FEX main screen is bad interface. It threw me, completely. But then, maybe I should have RTFM…

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