linotype fontexplorer x - final candidate CHECK IT

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Windows version when?


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I was just going to ask the same question. Windows XP version, plese!

It's pretty funny how they got the size of the program down to 4.9 MB from 180 MB. That's some nice optimizing, unless I'm missing something.

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anti - It's nothing like previous versions of FontExplorer. Besides being a font manager, all previews of fonts are accessed from a remote server rather than the app itself. See Typographica for more.

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Nice, I like this application. The menu is great, and the preview...very useful. I don't think I'll be using Font Book anymore.

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Hrant, I suspect that a Windows version is in the works. I shouldn't say anything more specific at the moment, but I'm sure that more detail will come out in ATypI-talk and reports.

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