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Found it quite hard coming up with a generic mark when there is no obvious hook to grip on to - thought it would be easy! This is what ive come up with. What are your opinions? Ive never had to do a logo like this before.



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They are nice. Loose the TM until you know the name can be Trade Marked. Its distracting. I think your next step is to try the designs within the context of how they will be used and see if they still hold up.

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i sorta like the third option. seems more balanced than the other two. the drop shadowy effect distracts me from the delicate nature of the word head in the face you chose and almost verges on looking like a bad accident you might not have caught.

my only suggestions would be try rounding the inner boxes of the h inside the main green box to matach the corner radius and keep consistent with the curvature of the edges

btw, what is this for?


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Stephen, it's a good start.
The weight difference between "head" and "way" are very close and on the drop shadow versions difficult to see. I'm not sure of the company or their intent, but the word-play should make sense.
"Headway" has a positive sense of making progress, and "Head Way" either connotes cerebral activity or a brand of headphones or hats.

Also, try treating the "y" as if you rotated the "h" 180°. That way the design looks completely symetrical with the "d" as centerpoint. Lose that little sliver of white between the stems of the drop shadow "h" since it is too thin and becomes bothersome. Good luck.

Yes, I'm old, but I'm making headway!

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It is of the genre, which can be viewed as positive or negative. It really depends on the reaction/or initial brief of the client. Personally I find the familiarity breeding indifference, further, I don't find the icons add to the type or to the identity of the club. Sorry this is negative and the client might be of the opinion that the genericism is what they’re looking for and the fact is I don't have any immediate solution to offer. Let us see any further evolutions.


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Is this the right organization:
If so, visiting the Headway web site, I think you might try another approach. The severity of the subject and the degree of professionalism they should portray may require an "under stated" design reflecting expertise and compassion.

If not:
Please do tell us about the company and what it does/sell, etc.
Your topic line says "Techno/House"

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Sorry, I should have said. It's for a nightclub called Headway, that plays mostly techno and house music...see for the kinda tone of voice that is sometimes assoc. with similar nights...ta

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I only posted the Headway charity website just to bring it to the attention of Stephen (I knew of them because they helped my grandfather), sorry for the confusion.

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