Wierd-ass but supercool logo

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I caught a glimpse of this really wierd airline logo at CDG the other day. Check it out on the tails:


I guess it's partly explained by the fact that it seems to be an Icelandic company - you know, viking helmet... One cool thing is that the logo is skewed to fit the tail depending on which side it's on. But what the hell is that dot?!


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Actually, h-flipped, not skewed.


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I see the viking too, but i also see genghis kahn. the dot does flip it around too. without the dot it looks more 'viking' and less 'genghis'.

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You see a viking helmet. I see Genghis Kahn.

And that dot is an eye.

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It looks like the viking's eye to me, the descender being the face/cheek.

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